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As I Lay Dying – The Greatest American Novel (Faulknerianism at its Best)

After reading about James Franco’s plan to make As I Lay Dying into a movie I re-read it. And I love As I Lay Dying. It was a travesty that I somehow failed to list as a favorite when I wrote about favorites and this has been corrected. I first read this book during a seminar on Hemingway […]

Monday: News Day I

This will begin a regular column, I hope, containing interesting book related news that I’ve read. Most of the news will come from the last week, but might be slightly older. Publisher’s Weekly recently posted a list of what two book critics/editors consider the 10 most difficult books. Click on the link and see how many […]

Deciding What to Read

You know that moment when you close the cover on the book you just finished and place it, in alphabetical order of course,  back on the bookshelf? It’s a proud moment. However it creates a new problem, what will you take off the shelf now? You might consult your lists of books to read, but you […]