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Land in Literature

The city has been the setting for most cultural expression. Movies, art, literature, music, and the stage have all flourished in urban environments. This has been true for all of human history. It has also been true that city life has filled the content of these mediums. Pastoral work has had its times, but the city […]

Read Poetry!?

If you have read anything at all on my site, or just my books finished pages, you will have noticed that I read a nice variety of books. There is a large amount of literary fiction as well as theological/philosophical works in my reading diet. Last year though I began to read some poetry. I hadn’t […]

Reading Habits

Every time a meet someone one of the first things I want to know is what book they’re reading, or how much they read, or what they read, or why, and you get the picture. I have learned not to ask any of these questions. I realize most “educated” people like to think they’re readers […]

Deciding What to Read

You know that moment when you close the cover on the book you just finished and place it, in alphabetical order of course,  back on the bookshelf? It’s a proud moment. However it creates a new problem, what will you take off the shelf now? You might consult your lists of books to read, but you […]

A Brief Book Comic I

Originally posted on Blah Blah Blog:
If I had more spare time, I’d read a novel. OR I would add a blog post that is more than just a picture with a short description.