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A Brief Book Comic I

Originally posted on Blah Blah Blog:
If I had more spare time, I’d read a novel. OR I would add a blog post that is more than just a picture with a short description.

American History

It’s the 4th of July and most Americans have the day off to celebrate the country’s independence. Any glimpse in the history aisles of your local bookstore, or on Amazon, or your local library will uncover countless books about American History, especially about the Revolutionary War. However, most of the individuals you talk with about our […]

What Is A Book? – Part I (The Conundrum)

What is a book? I’d wager that’s a question most people have never considered. But stop and take a minute, really think about it. We all own a book or maybe a few books. Even those that brazenly declare on Facebook “I don’t read!”, probably own at least one book (although it was probably an […]

What’s in a Name?

Does a name mean anything? Does it determine your tastes or connect you to something larger? Does it reveal who you are? What can you know about yourself because of your name? Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel The Namesake focuses on a Bengali immigrant family and their son Gogol. However, Lahiri clearly writes for a larger audience […]

What Happens to My Books When I Die?

Last week I came across an article on NPR that raised the question about passing on books in a digital age. In it Ms. Katz recounted the transmission of one particular copy of The War of the Worlds in order to raise the question of passing on e-books. As someone who owns a few books […]