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Local Library Book Sale

This past weekend was my cities semi-annual library book sale. Unfortunately I’d been to distracted by reading and writing papers to notice until the final day of the sale. I’ve only lived in the large north Texas city for a few years, but two of my three favorite discovers are book related. The first is […]

Reading Habits

Every time a meet someone one of the first things I want to know is what book they’re reading, or how much they read, or what they read, or why, and you get the picture. I have learned not to ask any of these questions. I realize most “educated” people like to think they’re readers […]

Deciding What to Read

You know that moment when you close the cover on the book you just finished and place it, in alphabetical order of course,  back on the bookshelf? It’s a proud moment. However it creates a new problem, what will you take off the shelf now? You might consult your lists of books to read, but you […]

I’ll Judge You Once I See Your Books

If you ever invite me to your house I’ll spend most of the time looking for one thing, your books. Books provide me with a way to mentally judge you. They help me understand what kind of person you are. I know this is unfair, but it seems to be a reasonable starting point. What […]