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Apologies Are Needed

So I took an unwarranted sabbatical since September. I never forgot about the site, just got sidetracked by school and other pleasures. For this I apologize. In case you didn’t know, maybe I’ve failed to mention it, I’m in grad school at the moment. But take heart in the coming weeks I’m planning to write […]

Monday News Day III

Below you’ll find a collection of literary/book related articles that will provide you with some interesting reading. Here’s a complete list of the PEN 2012 literary award winners. An interesting look at the world of paid online reviewers. Here’s a fairly random speech by the novelist China Miéville on the future of the novel. Read the […]

Monday News Day II

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. I’d re-title it, but I don’t like Tuesday Newsday. It sounds too cutesy, like a bad pun. Below you’ll find a link to some interesting articles. Some are genuine stories about books, some are just good articles on literary things. Happy readings. My favorite article from the […]

Monday: News Day I

This will begin a regular column, I hope, containing interesting book related news that I’ve read. Most of the news will come from the last week, but might be slightly older. Publisher’s Weekly recently posted a list of what two book critics/editors consider the 10 most difficult books. Click on the link and see how many […]