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Blog Award: Liebster

I was graciously given this award by Alice who has a pretty great blog that you should probably go check out. I’m only going to half-way accept the award. I do want to answer the questions, but unfortunately I’m not active enough in the blogging world to really nominate that many people. So I’m hoping that […]

Monday News Day III

Below you’ll find a collection of literary/book related articles that will provide you with some interesting reading. Here’s a complete list of the PEN 2012 literary award winners. An interesting look at the world of paid online reviewers. Here’s a fairly random speech by the novelist China Miéville on the future of the novel. Read the […]

Monday News Day II

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. I’d re-title it, but I don’t like Tuesday Newsday. It sounds too cutesy, like a bad pun. Below you’ll find a link to some interesting articles. Some are genuine stories about books, some are just good articles on literary things. Happy readings. My favorite article from the […]

What Makes A Book A Favorite?

With no scientific data to support this idea I believe that most people by the time they’ve finished high school have at least one book they’d call a favorite. Some might have several books and attending college probably increases this. But what makes a book a favorite? Most serious readers probably read 30+ books a […]

What Is A Book? – Part I (The Conundrum)

What is a book? I’d wager that’s a question most people have never considered. But stop and take a minute, really think about it. We all own a book or maybe a few books. Even those that brazenly declare on Facebook “I don’t read!”, probably own at least one book (although it was probably an […]