Disclaimer & Comments


The views and opinions expressed on this site are mine alone, unless explicitly stated otherwise. I do not receive financial compensation for any book reviews, but if you’d like me to review something please contact me (information on contact page). I am not affiliated with any article or site that I link to, unless stated to the contrary.


I appreciate feedback and hope to create a place for meaningful dialogue. I realize this entails both negative and positive comments, so please comment freely. However, I reserve the right to remove your comment if it is not constructive. This means comments like “I agree” or “You don’t know what you’re talking about” will need elaboration to stay on the site. Why do you agree, or why do you disagree? Following these rules will maintain a civil level of discourse and foster genuinely intelligent discussion, a goal of this site. Any reader knows good books take time to digest and talking about them takes time as well.

Spam will be deleted and won’t be tolerated. If you post a link and it’s useful/relevant it will stay posted, if not it’s gone.

Thanks for reading this, I trust it will help to create an open environment.


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