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Local Library Book Sale

This past weekend was my cities semi-annual library book sale. Unfortunately I’d been to distracted by reading and writing papers to notice until the final day of the sale. I’ve only lived in the large north Texas city for a few years, but two of my three favorite discovers are book related. The first is […]

National Poetry Month & Other Links

April is National Poetry Month. I didn’t know this until I began to see some tweets about it over the weekend. I imagine that for all the unread and uncared for poets in America this is a BIG deal. We should celebrate them and what they do. Our society’s dismissal of the poet in favor […]

Apologies Are Needed

So I took an unwarranted sabbatical since September. I never forgot about the site, just got sidetracked by school and other pleasures. For this I apologize. In case you didn’t know, maybe I’ve failed to mention it, I’m in grad school at the moment. But take heart in the coming weeks I’m planning to write […]

Monday News Day III

Below you’ll find a collection of literary/book related articles that will provide you with some interesting reading. Here’s a complete list of the PEN 2012 literary award winners. An interesting look at the world of paid online reviewers. Here’s a fairly random speech by the novelist China Miéville on the future of the novel. Read the […]

Monday News Day II

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. I’d re-title it, but I don’t like Tuesday Newsday. It sounds too cutesy, like a bad pun. Below you’ll find a link to some interesting articles. Some are genuine stories about books, some are just good articles on literary things. Happy readings. My favorite article from the […]

Monday: News Day I

This will begin a regular column, I hope, containing interesting book related news that I’ve read. Most of the news will come from the last week, but might be slightly older. Publisher’s Weekly recently posted a list of what two book critics/editors consider the 10 most difficult books. Click on the link and see how many […]