Local Library Book Sale

This past weekend was my cities semi-annual library book sale. Unfortunately I’d been to distracted by reading and writing papers to notice until the final day of the sale. I’ve only lived in the large north Texas city for a few years, but two of my three favorite discovers are book related. The first is Half Price Books, I cannot stress how wonderful these stores are. Second, is the semi-annual library book sale.*

This year I started a page where I could list my most recent book purchases/acquisitions with some brief explanatory notes. I decided to only list the 10 most recent purchases/acquisitions because I know I usually acquire books 3-4 at a time. Listing 10 provides you with a good idea of the types of books I own. This weekend when I hurriedly went to the final day of the book sale I got 15 books. This is more than I place on my recent purchase page so I thought I’d blog about the book sale and give you a list of the books purchased.

Book Sale Photo

First the book sale.** It happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. I love it. I believe in the four times I’ve gone I’ve bought over 100 books total. It lasts Friday – Sunday. On Friday and Saturday hardcovers are $1 each and paperback are $0.50 each. There are some exceptions for more expensive technical books or large sets. On Sunday it’s $10 per box of books. Basically as many books you can fit in a box, each box is $10. The beauty of  the sale is that each day they add books to the shelves they didn’t have room for the previous day. Because this is a library sale most of the books have library markings and some are very damaged. Most are in pretty good condition, especially the hardcovers. The variety of books is astounding and usually if I’m there for an hour I’ve only either examined a few sections or briefly skimmed my preferred sections. If you live in North Texas you should definitely do some googling and learn more about this. Also, look for the fall dates. I’ll try to be more on the ball in the fall and alert you.*** If you live elsewhere, probably another major metro-area, I’d check to see if your local library system has a similar setup.

Secondly, here’s the list of books:****

Of the books bought the greatest finds were the Barthelme ones. They’re so hard to find and his work is incomparably wonderful.

1. The Watchman – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

2. Overnight to Many Distance Cities – Donald Barthelme

3. My Antonia – Willa Cather

4. Death Comes for the Archbishop – Willa Cather

5. Captain’s Verses – Pablo Neruda

6. Palo Alto – James Franco (yes that James Franco)

7. The Economic Consequences of Peace – John Maynard Keynes

8. Tartuffe – Moliere

9. The Teachings of Don B. – Donald Barthelme, Kim Herzinger

10. The Complete Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

11. Cassell’s Standard French-English Dictionary

12. The Church’s Confession of Faith: An Adult’s Catholic Catechism

13. The Campfire Collection – Martin Eric

14. Hope for the Church – Jurgen Moltmann

15. In the Arms of God – James Dobson


* The third is my love of tacos in all their varieties.

** I purposely avoid naming my city, I like a certain anonymity.

*** Although this fall I’m working on my thesis prospectus, so I probably won’ be.

**** As always any list of books acquired includes a mix of mine and my wife’s. It usually makes for an eclectic mix.


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