National Poetry Month & Other Links

Translations from The Poetry of Rilke

Translations from The Poetry of Rilke

April is National Poetry Month. I didn’t know this until I began to see some tweets about it over the weekend. I imagine that for all the unread and uncared for poets in America this is a BIG deal. We should celebrate them and what they do. Our society’s dismissal of the poet in favor of the novelist is understandable, but still very regrettable. It seems very fortuitous that this month comes along just weeks after my post encouraging the reading of poetry. I must confess that in learning of this month I felt a compulsion to honor my challenge to you by intentionally reading some poetry this month. However, I made a mistake. Yesterday I began a collection of poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke .* Today as I wrote this post and researched National Poetry Month I learned that it explicitly honors American poets and was formed by the Academy of American Poets. This means that I need to read some poetry by an American. So in addition to the Rilke collection I will also read a collection by the greatest living American Poet, John Ashbery.

I hope you will take the time this month to read some poetry and encourage your friends to do the same. I will try to review both the Rilke and Ashbery collections by the end of the month. I have never reviewed or written about before poetry so it will be an adventure for all of us.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with poetry below.

Here are some links about National Poetry Month as well as some other interesting book/literature related news:

The Official Website for National Poetry Month (lots of good information to be found here)

The Atlantic’s take on Amazon acquiring

Some Great Chair Designs for Book Lovers

A Fascinating Account of Taking a Literature Class with Nabokov


* That’s the actual edition I’m reading in the picture. I bought it a library sale last summer for $1 because I didn’t own it, but mainly because the cover was beautiful (if a little worn).


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