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Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” Or Why I Now Appreciate Feminism

However rightly or wrongly I always associated Virginia Woolf with Sylvia Plath.* Other than her suicide I knew very little about Woolf or her work. My college years did little to change this. I only saw Woolf’s name in connection to either feminism or modern English writers alongside the likes of Eliot and Pound. Over my winter […]

Read Poetry!?

If you have read anything at all on my site, or just my books finished pages, you will have noticed that I read a nice variety of books. There is a large amount of literary fiction as well as theological/philosophical works in my reading diet. Last year though I began to read some poetry. I hadn’t […]

Apologies Are Needed

So I took an unwarranted sabbatical since September. I never forgot about the site, just got sidetracked by school and other pleasures. For this I apologize. In case you didn’t know, maybe I’ve failed to mention it, I’m in grad school at the moment. But take heart in the coming weeks I’m planning to write […]